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      2. Allograft

        An important aspect of the Zimmer Biomet Sports Medicine business is the Sports Allograft. Zimmer Biomet currently offers a full line of allograft products including soft tissue allograft, base bone, and specialty grafts.?

        Vendors & Accreditations

        Below is a list of our seven tissue vendors.

        Please click here?for the most current list and all of our tissue vendor’s accreditations.

        • LifeLink Inc.
          • Located in Tampa Bay, FL
          • Aseptic and Irradiated Graft
          • Soft Tissue and BaseBone
          • Allows Returns
        • Community Tissue Service (CTS)
          • Located in Dayton, OH
          • Irradiated Only
          • Soft Tissue and BaseBone
          • Allows returns
        • Miami Tissue Bank (UMTB)
          • Located in Miami, FL
          • Aseptic Graft
          • Soft Tissue, BaseBone, and Specialty Graft
        • DCI Donor Services, Inc.
          • Located Nashville, TN
          • Aseptic and Irradiated Graft
          • Soft Tissue and BaseBone
        • Tissue Banks International (TBI)
          • Located in Baltimore, MD
          • Irradiated only Graft
          • Soft Tissue and BaseBone
        • Interpore Cross International
        • LifeNet Health

        Additional Information

        Legal Manufacturer:

        Biomet Sports Medicine
        56 East Bell Drive
        P.O. Box 587
        Warsaw, Indiana 46581 USA

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        For product information, including indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions, potential adverse effects and patient counseling information, see the package insert and information on this website. To obtain a copy of the current Instructions for Use (IFU) for full prescribing and risk information, please call 1-800-348-2759, press 4 for 411 Technical Support.